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Great Canadian Meat:

 Item Description Price
Mild Pepperoni $1.50/piece
Hot Pepperoni


Lena's Lambs:

 Item Description Price
Lamb Shoulder $28.60/kg
Lamb Shank - Hind $24.20/kg
Lamb Shank - Fore $24.20/kg
Lamb Chop $46.20/kg
Ground Lamb $22.00/kg
Leg of Lamb (Half) $35.20/kg
Lamb Sausages (4 pack) $15.00


Volpi Cured Meat:

 Item Description Price
Volpi Chianti Salami $13.00
Volpi Mozzarella & Hot Salami $14.50
Volpi Pinot Grigio Salami $13.00
Volpi Proseco Salami $13.00
Volpi Rose Salami $13.00
Volpi Mozzarella & Basil $14.00

Piaceri Meat:

 Item Description Price
Piaceri D'Italia Antipasto Dei Tre
Piaceri D'Italia Antipasto Classico
Piaceri Salame


Seed to Sausage:

 Item Description Price
Seed to Sausage - Bleu D'Elizabeth $8.00
Seed to Sausage - Saucisson Sec
Seed to Sausage - Chorizo



 Item Description Price
Prosciutto $9.50
Tapas Aperitivo $8.50
Cacciatore Hot Salami $9.50
Cacciatore Mild Salami
Blanbrook Dry Cured Bison $10.00
Smoked Duck Breast
Vodka Smoked Salmon
Sliced Panchetta (frozen) $47.00/kg
Housemade Corned Beef $46.00/kg
San Danielle - Smoked Prosciutto $12.50
Smoked Farmers Sausage $25.00/kg
Calabrese Hot Salami $7.50
Andouille Sausage $28.00/kg