Big Family Brewing Co. Pairings

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Did you ever want to find that perfect cheese pairing for your favourite beer? Check out our recommended pairings for some of our favourite brews at Big Family Brewing Co!


HELLES DELICIOUS - Pairs with white cheddar cheese curds. The mild and milky flavour of the curds balances with this German style lager that is as smooth as it is refreshing.


NEW ENGLAND IPA - Pairs with Winconsons Bellavitano Tennessee Whiskey. The nutty parmesan flavour and faint hint of sweet Tennessee whiskey in the cheese promotes the hop-forward citrus notes of the IPA.


VIENNA SUNRISE - Pairs with Mexicana cheddar. This spicy cheese with chipotle and jalapeno will have you reaching for Big Family's Vienna Sunrise that cuts the heat and provides a smooth refreshing taste with a hint of maltiness.


SCOTTISH KISS - Pairs with Organic vintage cheddar. Smooth & creamy with a rich and sweet flavour and hints of butter and hazelnut pair perfectly with the full bodied maltiness and toffee sweetness that is this strong dark ale.


Can of Big Family Brewing Co.'s Scottish Kiss strong beer, set on a wooden table with plants in the background.

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