Re-Introducing Chef Events at The Cheese Wedge

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At The Cheese Wedge, there is nothing we enjoy more than making entertainment & hosting dreams come true. Although our retail store has so much to offer in that department, we have been missing the Chef Events that we used to be able to host in store. Thankfully, we will be (re)-starting these as early as this week. If you have been to one in the past, we are so excited to be re-introducing these! However, for some of you - this is probably brand new information. We wanted to give a detailed post on what to expect & how you can book these events. 

During a Chef Event at The Cheese Wedge, you can enjoy an intimate & gourmet meal with a small group of people. The "theme" of the event varies greatly - some events may be a themed dinner (Indian cuisine, for example). Whereas others will be held as more of an interactive cooking class. Regardless of the "theme", you will be enjoying an intimate night out with one of our private chefs. The events tend to be 3 course (and up) meals, and all you have to do is show up, and be hungry. We take care of the rest! 

Our resident in-house chef, Chef Doug Wong, along with Chef Andrew McNaughton and Chef Paresh Thakkar will all be taking part in The Cheese Wedge's Chef Events. Each chef currently has dates available for these one-of-a-kind events to be booked. Click the link(s) below to browse the dates they each have available. As time goes on, we plan to work with even more local chefs - so be sure to check back often!




Chef events take place in-store at our Point Edward location (601 Michigan Ave) and start at 6:00 pm, unless otherwise stated. Private events require a minimum of 6 people, and public events have a limit of 8-10 people. The cost of the events vary based on what is being served, but typically range from $55-$90 per person.


How to book a Chef Event:

  • Visit our website, and look under "CHEF EVENTS".
  • From that same menu, you can view the profiles of the chefs that we work with ("CHEF PROFILES") to learn more about their specialties and experience.
  • After finding the chef you would like to schedule with - select their name from the "CHEF EVENTS" drop down.
  • Once on the page of the chef you would like to book with, you can view the dates they have available.
  • If any of the dates you see listed on our website works with your schedule and you would like to move forward - simply give us a call at 519-491-1199 to book.
  • Over the phone, we will get all the information we require - but also, this is when you can discuss menu/cuisine/price options. It is important to us at The Cheese Wedge to try our best to cater to everyone in the group. All allergies and dietary restrictions can be accommodated and worked with, please just ask. 
  • Add the date to your calendar, and get ready for a night of gourmet indulgence.
  • Show up HUNGRY!

For now, that is the process and we are SO excited to be hosting again. Please call us with any questions you may have, or if you would like to schedule an event for yourself.

As mentioned earlier, we are doing both private and public events. Private events require a group size of AT LEAST 6 people. Please note that public events will be limited to 8-10 participants - proof of vaccine is required. 

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