Master the Art of the Picnic

Picnic summer tips

Aside from the food, picnics are a simple pleasure in life that provides you a sense of adventure and real connection to others, which we all long for and could use more of in our lives. The portrait of a perfect picnic is why more people aren’t leaving their house with a cooler or basket full. We put unnecessary pressure on ourselves to make it ‘just right’ or think that it takes too much effort. It doesn’t have to. 


Sometimes picnics can be ‘flops’ and occasionally ants & wasps can get in the way of the outdoor festivities, but yours can be perfect for you. It is easier than you think to organize a picnic lunch and you will master it in no time. 


This summer, we can help you with the tools and ideas to make your afternoon one for the books! 


Pick the Perfect Spot- Do you want to hike into the woods to find that perfect tree to set up under? Head to the beach to listen to the lapping waves? Or maybe you want to sit at the park or splash pad and listen to your children playing. Wherever your day takes you is the perfect place. Picnics are not supposed to be stressful, so bring a friend, your kids or a book and enjoy your “perfect spot.’ 


Comfiness- Definitely check the forecast. No one wants to make a plan and have it ruined by bad weather. If rain is in the forecast, consider still going under a pavilion (but bring the coziness with you). Blankets are a must for picnics. Find a blanket that is thick so no twigs, sand or dirt get through the fabric. Bring that cozy sweater on cooler days and wear those slip off shoes or sandals.


Drinks & Insulation- If it’s a hot day, regardless of what you’re packing to sip on, don’t forget the ice. One thing that isn’t very nice is trying to enjoy a beverage warm, when it’s supposed to be cold. Ice packs are also a great way to help keep temps cold in your cooler. A crisp white wine, spritz or lemonade is a great addition to any picnic. And let’s be honest, anything we like to drink anymore is almost always available in a can! Speciality grocery stores (like ours), and the LCBO are great places to start!!


Menu Plan - Snacks - The more Finger foods the better, And what better way to graze than on cheese and charcuterie. Try with some punchy condiments like mustards, chutneys, jams or pickles with fresh breads & pre-cut fruit. You could also try a cheeseball or dip with breadsticks or pretzels for an easy snack. Something sweet to finish off is always a nice treat as well.

But ultimately, to preserve your sanity keep the menu simple.


Essentials - when packing your essentials think of what you packed for food. Do you need cutlery, drinking vessels or a corkscrew? Just by looking at your food items you will know exactly what to pack, don’t forget the napkins.


The Cheese Wedge recently launched a “Boaters Basket” that is perfect for picnics too, that has a selection of cheeses, cured meats, crackers and a cheeseball for your enjoyment.


Remember, you don’t have to do the MOST. I’m sure there will be pictures of picnics over Tiktok and Instagram, that are packed with flowers, glass dishes and hand-made ice tea. But you don’t have to be the Barefoot Contessa to have a picnic. Let's keep it simple and actually enjoy the company of one another, outside, on a blanket with containers of food to nibble on and drinks from your Yeti Tumbler. After all, the outside is to be enjoyed, not stressed over. 

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